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Is your body really warm?

The sun shines during the day which makes it warm, but in the evenings and nights it has become so cold that I think a lot of you turn on the heater.

Today, I will be talking about rose steaming, which warms you to the core of your body, something that heating alone cannot do ^^

Rose has the wonderful effect of regulating the autonomic nervous system. (Blood circulation promotion, calming effect, anti-anxiety effect)

We have received some great reviews from the customers who experienced rose steaming – “I was able to sleep so well” “My menstrual pain has eased,” “Bowel movement has become better due to detoxification,” and “My uterus feels warm all the time,” etc.

Rose steaming is so relaxing that some customers who come here to relax after feeling stressed from work etc, find themselves falling asleep due to the scent of roses and the warm comfort of the tent.

I also go into the rose steam tent several times a month, and I was moved by the warmth I felt from the core of my stomach, something I had never felt just by using the heater or soaking in a bath.

At our salon, we also have a combo menu of rose steaming and Hyper Knife♪

Hyper Knife is a machine that is excellent for partial slimming, as it uses high frequency waves to efficiently heat subcutaneous fat and promote blood and lymph flow.

Your metabolism will be very active for 2-3 days after Hyper Knife treatment, so you can detox by drinking lots of water, and if you combine it with rose steaming, you will be able to stay warm, detox, and lose weight. It’s a great deal to have your dreams come true ^^

Would you like to take care of your body, which you will spend the rest of your life with?

If you are interested in rose steaming or/and Hyper Knife, please don’t hesitate to contact us♪

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By appointment only – Private esthetic salon

🏆2020, 2021, 2022 Hyper knife🏆
Before•After Competition
🎖Body sculpture 🥇🥈🥈
🎖10s, 20s 🥈
🎖50s 🥈


✩Hiromi’s room

✩Spray Tanning

⭐︎Hair removal with lights
⭐︎Body treatment
⭐︎Weight loss (Hyper knife & Ultransformer)
✩Hollywood brow lift
✩Hair removal for men
✩Facial treatment for men
✩Body treatment for the athletes

✩Rose steamer
⭐︎Hair removal with lights
⭐︎Facial treatment
⭐︎Body treatment
⭐︎Weight loss (Hyper knife & Ultransformer)
✩Hollywood brow lift
✩Bust care

✩2022•2023 Best of Miss Kanagawa Official Sponsor & Judge
✩Tokyo Girls Official Sponsor
✩JBBF, SSA, J Classic, SBC, FWJ, APF, RIZAP Official Sponsor
✩IBCA International Body Coloring Association Certified Instructor
✩JBWA Japan Brazilian Wax Association Advanced Certified Instructor
✩Organic Rose Association

🏢702, 605, 606, 1003 Rosé Sakuragicho 1-48, Hanasakicho, Naka-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
📞+81 45-325-7312
※Please note that we might not be able to take phone calls during the appointments


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