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Carnations and roses are my favorite flowers (*´`*)
Just looking at them makes my heart sing and makes me feel like I’m hugged.

I haven’t found a favorite flower shop when it comes to carnations, but for roses, AFRIKA ROSE is by far my favorite.

Africa is originally spelled AFRICA, but as roses are imported from Kenya in Africa as a fair trade, instead of C, they use the K for Kenya.

The characteristics of roses grown in the highlands of Kenya, where there are large temperature differences, are that they are vibrant, strong, large, colorful, and delicate.
That is exactly my ideal image of a woman.


You can feel the energy and blessings of the earth just by looking at the roses*

AFRIKA ROSE values the concept of the store, and they have such a artsy and great taste in not only the website and store, but even the details such as the wrapping!
When I gave a rose from the store as a gift to someone, they complimented how good it looked♪

There used to be a main store in Hiroo, but it closed down at the end of last year and now there is only one store in Roppongi Hills.

When you are in the area, please come and visit the store ^^

〒106-6108 B2F Hillside, Mori Tower Roppongi Hills 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo

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