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We had the first snow of the year in Sakuragicho*
I often hear that winter is warmer now than in the past, but I can’t believe that because it feels so cold^^

While the crisp cold weather feels good, some people may experience their hands and feet being cold like an ice or shrug their shoulders and they get stiff due to the cold.
Or you may be struggling to lose weight from overeating during the New Year holidays, but your body is so cold that your metabolism slows down, making it difficult to lose weight.

Even if you take a bath or use a heater or stove to keep your room warm, it is difficult to warm your body from the core.

“Heat Enzyme Grand Pro” is a supplement that is especially recommended for winter.
Even though it’s quick and easy to drink, it contains 113 types of natural enzymes from raw vegetables and fruits, which is surprising.
Not only that, it also contains coenzyme Q10, vitamin B group, and mineral ingredients such as calcium and zinc, which support youthfulness, and it warms your body from the inside out, making it the perfect way to maintain health and beauty.


Take 1 to 2 sachets (3 sachets a day) with cold or moderately warm water when you wake up, before exercise, workouts, bathing, etc.

75% of toxins in the human body are excreted in stool, and the remaining 25% in sweat and urine, but if you take Heat Enzymes before a weight loss treatment, your metabolism will improve and you will sweat more than usual, which is effective for obesity and swelling.

At Ellena, some customers take Heat Enzyme before Hyper Knife or Ultransformer treatments, as the synergistic effect further increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Raising your basal body temperature by 1°C helps make your body’s functions and immunity increase, making your body less susceptible to colds and other illnesses. Keeping your body warm is essential so stay warm guys (*´`*)

Heat Enzyme Grand Pro

Raspberry Flavored 

Price: 7,344JPY (tax included)

Contents: 36g (1.2g x 30 packets)

Country of Origin: Japan

Best before: 3 years from manufacture (unopened)

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