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While we can see the rise of femtech and femcare, vaginal care becomes an increasing priority.

What do you do for vaginal health care?

Incorrect vaginal care can cause trouble and if you continue it, it will become a vicious cycle – but what is the incorrect vaginal care?

-washing your sensitive area with regular soap or body shampoo

-washing your private area with water or bidet excessively 


The vagina is slightly acidic to prevent bacteria from entering and multiplying, but using body wash or regular bar soaps for down there ends up overwashing it, and that can even kill good bacteria.

This allows bad bacteria to grow, then it reduces the self-cleaning ability of the vagina and causes odor and discomfort.

For those who are worried about how to take care of your vagina – we recommend the easy-to-use vaginal cleanser called “Fem Clear”♪


“Fem Clear” helps your vagina stay healthy with these three features:

・Low osmotic pressure that suppresses stimulation inside the vagina

・Slightly acidic to match the pH value in the vagina

・Contains sodium hyaluronate for a smooth feel

The applicator is a hygienic, single-use type that is similar to how you use a tampon.

You can use it when you are nearing the end of your period and want to feel refreshed, when you are concerned about itching, odor, or vaginal discharge, or before going to bed.

The recommended dose is 1 bottle a day, 1 to 4 times a week.

*Avoid using during menstruation.

So, ladies, learn the legitimate knowledge in femcare and maintain vaginal hygiene(*´`*)

*Vaginal irrigator, a controlled medical device that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare*

Fem Clear

Price: 3,080 JPY (tax included)

Contents: 1.7g (standard) x 5 pieces

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