Thank you for the Welcome Party*Kokona | Ellena Japan Yokohama Minatomirai Sakuragicho

The other day, my Ellena family-Hiromi san, Ayako san, Mayumi san, and Saya san held a wonderful welcome party for me (*´ω`*)

The restaurant is called “Meshi Sakaba Seikou Udoku,”a Japanese restaurant located in Kannai, and it’s a small place with a nice atmosphere.

We had sashimi with tamagoyaki, crab miso gratin, potato salad, fried chicken, sea urchin chawanmushi, scallops and corn kamameshi, etc. Each dish has a variety of flavors, some with a smooth texture, others with a little accent. All of the food was amazing, and the drinks were delicious as well (´`)

I ate so much food that I ran into the image limit on this blog >_<

Now that I’m part of the Ellena family, I’ll do my best to give Elena everything I can.

I appreciate your love and support♪


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By appointment only – Private esthetic salon

🏆2020, 2021, 2022 Hyper knife🏆
Before•After Competition
🎖Body sculpture 🥇🥈🥈
🎖10s, 20s 🥈
🎖50s 🥈


✩Hiromi’s room

✩Spray Tanning

⭐︎Hair removal with lights
⭐︎Body treatment
⭐︎Weight loss (Hyper knife & Ultransformer)
✩Hollywood brow lift
✩Hair removal for men
✩Facial treatment for men
✩Body treatment for the athletes

✩Rose steamer
⭐︎Hair removal with lights
⭐︎Facial treatment
⭐︎Body treatment
⭐︎Weight loss (Hyper knife & Ultransformer)
✩Hollywood brow lift
✩Bust care

✩2022•2023 Best of Miss Kanagawa Official Sponsor & Judge
✩Tokyo Girls Official Sponsor
✩JBBF, SSA, J Classic, SBC, FWJ, APF, RIZAP Official Sponsor
✩IBCA International Body Coloring Association Certified Instructor
✩JBWA Japan Brazilian Wax Association Advanced Certified Instructor
✩Organic Rose Association

🏢702, 605, 606, 1003 Rosé Sakuragicho 1-48, Hanasakicho, Naka-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
📞+81 45-325-7312
※Please note that we might not be able to take phone calls during the appointments



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